Over the years "Victorian Host" paving your own path in the market of hosting services and support of Internet projects. We do not copy other people's work, and look to the future. Today, "Victorian Host" not just a hosting provider: we try to offer you the best possible you to be sure that tomorrow our services will surpass all your expectations. Work on new web services don't stop even for a day. We guarantee you the best services on the market of hosting and related services!

From the very beginning of our activity we set a goal: do not copy the projects that seem successful, and to develop a fundamentally new approach to hosting services and additional services. The chosen route was difficult but fully justified itself. We do not teragyroid the mistakes of others, do not reproduce obsolete design, and moving forward, anticipating new trends in the field of web technologies. We are not standing still, focusing on the requirements of yesterday and today trying to anticipate and fulfill all your desires.

Experts of technical support guaranteed to answer your question within 1 hour in the ticket system and will be happy to advise you on any of our services. You can contact us around the clock via the ticket system or via email sales@victorian.host. For VIP Clients we also provide a personal account Manager and telephone number.

We work with the most reliable data centers in the US, Europe, installing their own equipment, both for rent and for the full infrastructure of our networks. This gives us maximum control over quality, reliability and availability of our service. Network infrastructure we fully trust the manufacturer of network equipment Juniper, setting edge routers and switches to ensure network performance, even under the most powerful DDoS attacks. We offer our clients exceptional service and the highest availability of the equipment, in addition, we can prepare the servers in any configuration in the shortest possible time and with no setup fees!

We were and still are an honest hosting company and do not hide anything from our customers. We have no hidden limits and payments, in advance warn about possible technical changes, actively communicate with customers and really solving problems. We constantly study the hosting market and customer needs, regularly test and monitor the quality of services, so we do not have those "gotchas" that there are other hosters. We understand Your needs and meet them.

Someone looking for a powerful hosting someone reliable hosting, someone needs cheap hosting, and there are those who want to buy only the best hosting, period. When a visitor comes to us, understands - the search is over. We do have all You need. Our hosting supports 99% of all popular CMS (1C Bitrix, Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, etc.). We generously allocated resources, which provides the best job sites at a reasonable price. We also took care of the easy to install any CMS and created the auto-installer web scripts.

We have a very different approach: we look at each client individually, trying to obtain from him the maximum possible feedback and make it something useful, because this recommendation might be comfortable and other people. We are not looking at the financial side first. We are enthusiastic, we did a project for people like us. Therefore, you can write us an electronic letter with any offer and we will consider. Our hosting "humane" hosting. We watch, we listen, we try to understand and help.

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